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Exhibition opening by Ilona Treiman on Saturday, the 16th of December

Ilona Treiman
Exhibition “ICE – SUFFICE”
December 15, 2017 – January 15, 2018
Vault Room of A-Gallery

Opening of the exhibition at 4pm on December 16, 2017

The central theme of the current exhibition is the Estonian homonym “jää” (“ice”). Ideas are wandering to the unknown just like moving along fragile ice through which transparent messages are being revealed.

– The thinner the ICE, the bigger the will to learn if it will endure the human weight
– The present moment is the time that will be never SUFFICE.

“In my work, I record moments, findings, vanishing elements, symbols, words, touches … into the fragile ice / resin while trying to create unique memories, pieces of jewellery and miniature sculpture. I experiment with material while uniting precious metals, pieces of feathers, crystals, seeds, plants, stones, fossils, horsehair, transparent resin that imitates ice. A unique tension but also harmony and balance will arise between various materials. I try to include both happiness and sadness, moments of bitterness, hours borrowed from tomorrow in my work; a new output is being born in a lifeless transparent material. Vanishing traces, signs and words are revived in exhibition pieces and enter into a dialogue with the audience. Through my artwork I contemplate on the situation of both eternity and present moment. Moments must be cherished the same way as precious metals; thus, the piece of jewellery that one wears every day is the biggest treasure. You are the one creating value. Oscar Wilde has stated that nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing. A ring or a bracelet made out of familiar birch bark may acquire special meaning. My purpose is to awake emotions, values and conversation in people.
A human being is vain by nature – wearing jewellery gives us possibility to carry stories, thoughts, pieces of our past with us – all this give birth to new stories and impulses.
Already the ancient peoples have dressed up and decorated themselves that has given them unbelievable power. I also invite the guests of the exhibition to take a look at the past, the future and the vanishing things surrounding us – maybe these will be revived in some way and this will become a form of communication with the closed ones.
The vanishing ICE in the Arctic is a worrying fact that is changing geography, fauna and flora. Sometimes it seems that I attempt to record the last traces of things such as the ripe flower bud of a thistle or the white lightweight parts of feathers floating in the air. Let us catch the moments …
With the present exhibition I am therefore drawing the viewers’ attention to global issues such as climate change: melting of ICE and raising temperatures – how this will influence nature, currents of air, winds? There are more questions than answers at the moment. Changes have been enormous; but if we will raise our consciousness then perhaps we might move to the right direction with our actions.
And lastly: the one who changes with time will never become obsolete – even the fragile ice will carry them.

There must be ICE. No ICE will not SUFFICE …


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Rita-Livia Erikson “Expectations”

On Friday, 17 November at 6pm jewellery artist Rita-Livia Erikson will open her first personal exhibition “Expectations” in A-Gallery.

„Jewellery created for this exhibition was born through pondering what and how I expect from myself in everyday life and from my future, and what I tend to think others expect from me. Expectations often sound as sentences in my head – I either say them to myself or assume someone else to think them about me. Any one of them can be a motivation as well as a force that breaks down the will to act with its unrealisticness. There are aspirations that may seem too weak to satisfy even low expectations. There are recommendations that are given so that by listening to them the result could match (perhaps someone else’s) expectations. There are criteria that I expect only myself to fill. Trying to meet expectations can make you lose your path, clear mind, and control over yourself and your life. From the insane quantity of expectations you have to be able to find and create those colorful sparkly fragments – understandings, points, goals, moments.“

Exhibition will stay open until December 11, 2017.

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The stipend laureate for “Noor Ehe 2017” is Hanna-Maria Vanaküla

Hanna-Maria Vanaküla was chosen as this year’s laureate for the “Noor ehe 2017” stipend. The award was given on the 25th of October in the Great Guild Hall.

Kadri Mälk, estonian jewellery artist and academic, introduced Hanna-Maria Vanaküla as a second year graduate student whose special interest lay in optic glass. Hanna-Maria was also the only estonian artist to be chosen to exhibit her works in the annual Schmuck jewellery exhibition in Munich.

In addition to the main prize a special award was given to Jens Andreas Clausen for his heart-shaped jewellery. The work was first exhibited in A-gallery during the exhibition of Hearts curated by Katarina Kotselainen.

The Noor Ehe stipend was founded in 2008 by Kadri Mälk who is in the jury with Tanel Veenre, Piret Hirv and Kadri Karro.

In the previous years the stipend has been awarded to Ettel Poobus, Nils Hint, Urmas Lüüs, Sofia Hallik, Darja Popolitova, Maria Valdma and Kätrin Beljaev.

You can see the video of the evening in Great Guild Hall here:

Source: “Aktuaalne kaamera”

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Meeting and joy, carried by clarity. “Today I recognized myself,” said a woman before her death to her son. Silent understanding was born together with the storyteller.

The word “close” came to me two years ago. First the title of the exhibition was born. Then this was put on hold and started a life of its own. In the initial phase of planning the exhibition I observed a log, received as a gift from Pille. Its surface had a wavy movement. The pieces cut from the log showed me the direction. During the process I made several sketches that I gradually dropped and moved on. New forms developed while following my own life and activities.

Thanks to: Kaili-Angela Konno, Kirsti Tuum, Pille Õnnepalu, Markus Pau, Indrek Roos, Riho Loorits, Sirje Rohtla.

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Exhibition of Hearts


12 artists interpret the concept of heart. Heart as an organ, a symbol and a feeling.
Curated by Katarina Kotselainen

Participating artists: Jens A. Clausen, Maria Kadarpik, Liina Lõõbas, Urmas Lüüs, Erle Nemvalts, Hans-Otto Ojaste, Anita Porila, Ane Raunam, Anne Roolaht, Liis Tamm, Katrin Veegen and Paul Villemi.

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The Heart

Harvi Varkki uses the ancient granulation technique in creating his artwork. The round and convex surfaces and forms, tiny worlds inside of us – there are quite many of them and one never knows when they open up their charm to us.
Anne Roolaht with her new jewellery series “The Contemporary Brooch” asks for paying attention to protect, care for and love endangered species.
The artwork by the artist couple has been created in order to express the positive force, existence and energy while recreating all this to the one who will wear them.

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A-galerii Seif 2018 exhibition project competition

Projektide laekumise tähtaeg on 17. september 2017.

Koos taotlusega palume järgmist:

  • projekti kirjeldus
  • osaleja(te) CV(d)
võimalusel projektiga seotud pildimaterjal
projekti soovitud toimumisaeg (kuu, kvartal)

Taotlused palume tuua või saata aadressile A-galerii, Hobusepea 2, 10133 Tallinn või saata aadressile

Lisainformatsioon: Erle Võsa-Tangsoo / / +372 646 4101

Avaldusi ehte- ja metallikunsti näituste korraldamiseks A-galerii Aknagaleriis võetakse vastu igal ajal.
A-galerii esindab professionaalset eesti ehtekunsti, pakkudes kunstnikele tasuta näitusepinda Seifis ja ehtemüügi võimalust saalis.

Seif on 5,2 m² näituseruum A-galerii südames, kus toimuvad alates 2005. aastast eri vanuses ja eri rahvusest ehtekunstnike autoriloomingut tutvustavad näitused. Ekspositsioon vahetub iga nelja nädala tagant, seega leiab aastas aset keskmiselt 13 näitust. Seifinäituste üldine eesmärk on tutvustada laiemale publikule värskeid ideid ja uusi suundi autoriehte vallas, aga ka klassikalist ehtekunsti.

Näitused valitakse konkursi korras iga aasta septembris. Valiku teeb Autoriehe OÜ juhatus. Hindamisel on oluline projektide uudsus, kaalukus ja professionaalsus. Arvesse võetakse ka soove juubelinäituste korraldamiseks.

Näitusepind on tasuta. Näituse ülespaneku, produktsiooni ja avamise kulud katab kunstnik. 
Pildid varasematest näitustest asuvad SIIN.

A-galerii näituseruumi (Seifi) plaan

Seifi seinad on paksust metallist, seega pole aukude puurimine kahjuks võimalik. Ruumi ümbritsevad trossid pakuvad siiski palju erinevaid kinnitusvõimalusi. Lisaks saab kasutada magneteid.

Ekspositsiooni kavandamisel tuleks arvestada, et kahjuks pole võimalik seinu üle värvida ega kasutada teipi, mis võiks neid rikkuda.
Kunstnikel on võimalus eksponeerida oma töid ka A-galerii läbipaistvates magnetiga kinnitatavates ja turvaliselt suletavates plastkastides:
10 tk: 20x20x20 cm (sisemõõdud 18x18x18 cm) ja
5 tk: 35x35x35 cm (sisemõõdud 33x33x33 cm).

Mõõdud on joonisel sentimeetrites.
 Seifi kõrgus on 315 cm.

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Annika Kedelauk “Lüli”

Reedel, 28. juulil avatakse A-galerii Seifis Eesti noore ehtekunstniku Annika Kedelauki ehtenäitus “Lüli”.

“Näitusel kasutan kõigis töödes üle 100 aasta tagasi leiutatud konstruktori mänguasja detailidele sarnaseid tükke ja mängin nende mõõtkavadega. Konstruktori idee seisneb erineva kujuga augustatud tükkides, mida saab vastavalt fantaasiale kokku panna mutrite ja poltide abil ning lõputult ümber ehitada. Ehk kõik tööd on võimalik lahti monteerida ja jälle teisiti kokku panna. Kui tavaliselt on ehted valmistatud kullassepaoskusi kasutades, mis enamusele kandjatest tundmatu on, siis neid töid on igaühel võimalik kokku, lahti ja ümber ehitada. Oma rolli leiab konstruktsioonis ka inimene olles ühendavaks lüliks suuremahuliste detailide ühendamises, võtab poldi rolli. Nii saab installatisoonist kaelaehe.” Annika Kedelauk

Annika Kedelauk on lõpetanud Eesti Kunstiakadeemia bakalaureusetaseme ehte- ja sepakunsti eriala 2010. aastal ning täiendanud end Hispaanias ja Saksamaal. Autor on alates 2009. aastast osalenud mitmetel erialastel grupinäitustel ning jäänud silma näitustegevusega rühmituses OTSE!. Näitus “Lüli” oli juunis eksponeeritud Leedus, Vilniuses (AV17) galeriis.
Annika Kedelauk on 2013. aasta Roman Tavasti preemia laureaat.

Näitust toetab Eesti Kultuurkapital ja Eesti Kunstnike Liit.

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Side by side

Chao and Eero’s work is inspired by nature, but their approach and interpretation are different. Eero’s handwriting sees raw and primitive features, while Chao’s conception of nature is more romantic. Although both are very sculptural, Eero’s work looks powerful and expressive, while Chao’s jewelry is delicate and airy. Their works reflect the Finnish closeness between man and nature.

Chao and Eero mostly work with precious materials and traditional techniques. Their uncompromising attitude towards goldsmithing can also be seen in the quality of the work.

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“This year’s exhibition ON BLACK AND WHITE is my third solo exhibition in A-Gallery. At the exhibition I exhibit silver necklaces and processes. The shades given with dark oxide give the jewellery even more airiness and they are exposed on black. Alongside them are jewellery with amber and high-temperature enamels, which with their discreet color range are suitable for display in both black and white. Repeating individual finished details, breaking them down, putting them together in a new way, creating new shapes and forms again, this is the game of creating the jewellery of this exhibition. ” Ene Valter.

Ene Valter graduated from the Estonian National Institute of Art in 1977. She has been exhibiting since 1978. She is a member of the Estonian Artists ‘Union and the Metal Artists’ Union. She is also one of the founders of the ON Group and A-Gallery. Ene Valter has twice chaired the board of A-Gallery. From 1997 until today, she is a member of the board and CEO of OÜ ARS Vasetööd.

As a daily employee at ARS Vasetööd, Ene Valter mainly designs and produces decorations and medals. She has designed and prepared dozens of offices for university rectors, association presidents and mayors.

A-Gallery is a gallery offering professional Estonian jewellery art that has been operating in the Old Town of Tallinn for 23 years. Various exhibitions by both Estonian and foreign artists will take place in the historical Vault, located in the gallery’s premises, in the place of valued jewellery exhibitions.