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Since 2007, the A-Gallery has been selecting the best Vault exhibition every year. The aim of the competition is to appreciate the masterful achievements of jewellery artists in their work. The winner will be determined by the shareholders of A-Gallery.

2021 – Taavi Teevet SINGLE COPY

2020 – Erle Nemvalts SOURCES OF VIRTUE


2018 – Marita Lumi A BETTER TOMORROW

2017 – Kertu Vellerind FACEBOOK

2016 – Caius Kull (H)AAKRIK

2015 – Mari-Relo Šaulys ja Adolfas Šaulys VERTICAL

2014 – Mari Pärtelpoeg CIRCLES

2013 – Leida Ilo SOUL BOATS

2012 – Urmas Ott (Hans-Otto Ojaste ja Urmas Lüüs) SHELTER 2415

2011 – Ülle Kõuts WATER

2010 – Kaire Rannik INONOTUS OBLIQUUS

2009 – Maria Valdma DUST

2008 – Katrin Amos DRAWERINGS

2007 – Katrin Veegen LAURELS

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Past, Loss, Future

Jalio is inspired by old and worn elements and is fascinated by concrete, hardness and decay. Jalio questions the stereotypes of aesthetics and is able to see beauty where others do not. In the jewellery collection PAST, LOSS, FUTURE, the artist’s interest in the themes of asceticism, old age and sensitivity stands out. The works in this series tell the story of aging and personal loss, the cycle of human life and its transitions, making choices and turning points.

Christine Jalio is a 37-year-old jeweller from Finland. She has gained international recognition by participating in prestigious jewellery trade fairs in Europe. In 2015, she won second place at the Enjoya Awards in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Her work can also be found in international publications such as Artistar Jewels, 2016 and Who’s Who in Visual Art, 2016. Christine Jaliol has a strong technical background – she earned a bachelor’s degree from Lahti University of Applied Sciences, having previously studied silversmithing and metal art. She appreciates good workmanship and craftsmanship. Jalio expresses herself in modern jewellery, which often reflects her fascination with the human psyche, which contains emotions and reactions.

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Elephant in the room

THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM is an exhibition of fears and taboos: things that everyone is aware of, but that they like to think about and avoid talking about.

Ignoring – I see with fear that when a big and difficult subject becomes too painful, pushing it somewhere in the back of my head – the weight of the whole world can’t be borne. Is that so bad in the end? Living in peace of mind is definitely better and life would be longer – why add extra to your usual stress? But there is an elephant in the room.

Pilleriin Jürisoo is a young artist who graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts with a degree in jewellery. For the past three years, Pilleriin has lived in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and worked as a flight attendant around the world. Based on this, her work in recent years is mainly related to world travel. Over the years, various aspects of these journeys have emerged. The 2012 exhibition RELATIONSHIPS in the Vault of A-Gallery dealt with the similarities between home and abroad – it was like a discovery that everything at home exists in some form in different parts of the world. At the exhibition of LITTLE RULERS in 2014, the artist addressed the topic of building a personal home, looking at different living environments in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. This exhibition deals with fears and taboos that have arisen while traveling and looking at the world, which do not differ much from the current mood in Estonian society.

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Marje Kerem says about the completed works that they have been made by feeling the beautiful and painful moments of life in relation to oneself and the people. Since 1986, Marje Kerem has had nine solo exhibitions in art galleries and salons. Marje Kerem’s work has been exhibited in Czechoslovakia, France, Romania, Australia, Poland, Russia, Italy, Finland and Norway. Between 1983 and 1990, Kerem worked as an artist at Ars-Juveel and has been a freelance artist for many years.

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Five minutes after eight

How much time is left? I think it’s about five minutes to eight now.

The Beginning is over Blossoms Experiences Today is Coming Tomorrow is coming Krista Laos graduated from ERKI as a jewellery artist, working at the Tallinn Jewellery Factory. She is a member of the Estonian Artists’ Union, Designers’ Union and the Metal Artists’ Union and belongs to the ON group. Krista Laos currently works in the Katariina Gild jewellery workshop and teaches at the Estonian Academy of Arts. She has participated in many exhibitions in Estonia and also in the USA, Denmark, France, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany and Spain.

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By hammering the stone, causing it pain, it loses its original shape.

Stone chip.

Rubble on the skin.

We see it, we can wipe it away, but the feeling remains.


Getter Ziugand is a final year student of jewellery at the Estonian Academy of Arts. In addition, she has improved her studies at Saimaa University of Applied Sciences. For the first solo exhibition she has chosen a piece she started to work with already in Finland and which has great importants for the artist in her creation. In order to get back somewhere, you have to leave in the meantime.

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You are welcome to the opening of Paul Villem’s jewellery exhibition MOTIVE on Friday, January 16 at 6 pm in A-Gallery.

Paul Villemi graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts with a degree in blacksmithing, but has recently focused on making jewellery, which has led to a solo exhibition in the field of jewellery.

“Cornflower is a traditional minimalist geometric motif that has its own charm for me. That’s why I wanted to find different designs and color combinations that would symbolize cornflower to create necklaces that can also be worn as brooches,” introduces Paul Villem’s upcoming exhibition. Brass, colored plexiglass and plastic are used in the production of geometric necklaces / brooches.

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Taavi Teevet’s exhibition SINGLE COPY was chosen as the best VAULT exhibition of A-Gallery in 2021.

SINGLE COPY is a poetry collection that never leaves the print shop, since it will never be printed. This poetry collection can not be found on the shelves of bookstores and it is not available for loan at libraries. SINGLE COPY will not be read during boring bus rides or in parks on sunny days.

This poetry collection exists on the walls of the VAULT of the A-Gallery throughout the period of exhibition and will be read by people who come to visit the show.

Perhaps a line will be remembered by someone and will then be repeated to someone else, perhaps someone will learn a poem by heart or perhaps it will be forgotten completely after the exhibition. One thing is for sure, this is a collection without a traditional print run, it is a single copy poetry collection that will never be stacked in boxes, hidden away under someone’s bed.

The poems are given the form of jewellery by combining the techniques of laser engraving and acid etching.

In his texts Teevet looks at the world from a very personal perspective, focusing on his memories, problems and sensorial-philosophical discoveries.

The exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

At the opening event Balmerk Estonia OÜ serves Casa Charlize wines, the number one collection of Italian wines in Estonia.

Taavi Teevet (1996, Saaremaa) is a young metal artist focusing on the journey into his inner world and on analysing relevant sensorial experiences, related issues and discoveries. He has a Bachelor’s degree in jewellery and blacksmithing from the Estonian Academy of Arts. 

Teevet has shown his work both in Estonia and abroad and has participated in several performative projects.