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A-Galerii OPEN CALL 2024

Open Call for exhibitions at the A-Galerii VAULT and WINDOWS

The most notable exhibition space for jewellery and blacksmithing in Estonia announces an open call for the exhibition programme of 2024 at the A-Galerii VAULT and WINDOWS. We welcome applications from jewellery artists as well as boldly experimenting exhibition projects that combine jewellery and blacksmithing with other art fields. Submission deadline: Sunday, May 21, 2023.

As an international exhibition space, the gallery creates bridges between different artists and we have hosted exceptional shows by professional jewellery artists and blacksmiths from Estonia and abroad, including France, China, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Taiwan, Norway and Israel.


The VAULT is A-Galerii’s exhibition space, focusing on showcasing new work by professional jewellery artists and blacksmiths. The VAULT acts as a historic touching point between the original and the contemporary functions of the building – that of a former goldsmith’s shop and of the most notable exhibition space for contemporary jewellery and blacksmithing in Tallinn. The VAULT welcomes artists, writers and researchers whose work stems from contemporary jewellery and craft practices and their context in broader visual culture. 

The height of the vault is 315 cm and size 5.2 m². It is possible to exhibit works by using cables and magnets. Painting and drilling within the space is not possible. The exhibition space of the VAULT extends to one of the windows facing Hobusepea street. The approximate duration of an exhibition in the VAULT is 6 weeks. 


WINDOWS are A-Gallery’s platform for micro exhibitions, established in 2019 with the aim of showcasing both new and previously exhibited work of practitioners in the field of contemporary jewellery in a compact format. WINDOWS has found a home in the display windows of a former goldsmith’s shop established in 1891 and extends the gallery’s exhibition space into public space.

WINDOWS welcomes both solo projects and collectively created expositions engaging with contemporary jewellery and craft practices within the field of visual culture. Very welcome are applications by curators, who together with different artists would create a comprehensive and well-thought-out exhibition for the WINDOWS as a whole. WINDOWS also welcomes conceptual projects that can be combined with other artists’ input to form exhibitions with the help of the gallery, therefore when submitting an application, one does not need to fill all the windows. 

WINDOWS invites a two-directional gaze, to look both in and out. As such, the space can also accommodate works stemming from the field of jewellery but developed in collaboration with fields concerned with other creative fields – such as design, sound, video, fashion, visual and performance art and architecture. 

There are five WINDOWS located in the Tallinn Old Town, on the corner of Hobusepea Street and Pikk Street. One large window (220x300x85 cm) and four smaller windows (220x140x48 cm). The window spaces include ceiling hooks for hanging, lighting fixtures and electrical sockets. We don’t have anything on the back of the windows, so the applying artist should think about the exhibition background as well. The approximate duration of an exhibition at WINDOWS is 8 weeks. 


Costs of installing, production and exhibition opening are to be covered by the artist(s). A-Galerii provides a letter of confirmation for funding applications, if necessary.  

Due to difficult customs procedures, we ask all artists applying from outside the European Union to take into account that the exhibition works and other material necessary for the exhibition (backgrounds, stands, etc.) must be delivered to the gallery and taken back after the end of the exhibition by either the artist themself or by another person authorized by the artist.

To apply, please submit the following information:

– name

– contact information

– names of all participants

– description of the project (2000-2500 characters)

– description of artworks

– visual material relevant to the project (up to 5 images)

– list of equipment and/ or special requirements for exhibiting works

– CV(s) and portfolio(s) of participant(s)

– preferred exhibition period (month / quarter)

Please clarify in your application, if you are applying for the VAULT or WINDOWS exhibition space. Please inform us beforehand if you’re able to come to Estonia to install your exhibition and if not, please attach a complete installation plan to your application. 

Submission deadline is Sunday, May 21, 2023.

Please send your application to with all relevant materials attached in one zip-file or via mail to A-Galerii, Hobusepea 2, 10133, Tallinn. 

Application is accepted only if it is submitted on time and includes required information and materials. 

Submissions to the VAULT and WINDOWS open call are evaluated and the exhibition programme approved by the board of A-Galerii and the gallery’s programme coordinator Sille Luiga. Artists chosen for the programme will be notified in June 2023. 

Additional information: 

Sille Luiga

+372 51 05 036