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Anni Kagovere

Parrot Room


You are welcome to the opening of the exhibition THE PARROT ROOM in A-Gallery at 6pm on November 21, 2019

The exhibition space will become a shadowed grove, where colourful winged creatures and rare jewellery can be spotted. Precious metal mokumegane jewellery like the eyes of beasts of prey glitter behind lush greenery. It is a fantasy journey to the parrot room in the summer cottage in the captain’s village Käsmu. The parrot room with a splendid wallpaper that has inspired many generations of artists. The exhibition soundtrack is Helena Tulve’s opera “It is getting so dark” written on the subject of Sei Shonagon’s “Pillow Book”. Anni Kagovere has graduated from the department of jewellery art at the Estonian Academy of Arts and obtained a MA degree in Tokyo University of the Arts. In her work, Kagovere focuses on mokumegane technique. She has held mokumegane courses at the Estonian Academy of Arts and Viljandi Culture Academy. Artist talk takes place on the 30th of November from 6 pm to 7 pm in A-gallery.   Exhibition will be open until December 31, 2019.