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Anu Paal

“I made this series for my 50th birthday, so 17 years have passed since its creation. The series got its start from a brooch with a “ground stone” (glacial erratic, granite), that can now be seen in the permanent exhibition of the Museum of Applied Art and Design. The texture of the black stone was somehow special to me, so lively and eloquent. I made a model of it and with a plaster mold it was cast into silver. It became quite a large series that is now in various private collections. The black square has been quite dominant in my creations throughout. The whole Malevich black square philosophy. This is how the symbolism has arisen, two faceted solids come together and create their own specific harmony.” – Anu Paal at the A-gallery exhibition MEMORY CARDS (2019)



In the book “A-Gallery. Estonian art jewellery gallery for 20 years” (2014)

Anu Paal (b. 1951 in Ravila)

1979 SAIE

In childhood I lived in a stone building near Ravila Manor, where I probably set the base for my intellectual and creative aspirations, playing on the river bank and in the forest. I feel the need to communicate with genuine natural materials.

During my studies in SAIE I was still eager to become an artist. Time will show, if I really became. My first exhibitions took place during studies, also participation in the first Baltic applied art triennial in 1978, which was almost a prohibited event in that period.

Since my diploma project I was interested in national theme and still feel responsive towards it. Jewellery items are born from inner urge or just playfulness – if there is no urge, nothing is born. The main theme is still relationship to reality or illusion.

In 1990 I received Kristjan Raud Award for my creation. I have not held much exhibitions of my own, but my jewellery has been exposed in exhibitions representing Estonia worldwide.