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Jewellery maintenance

Proper maintenance of jewellery is the best way to preserve its beauty and charm. Gold and silver jewellery is inevitably sensitive to the outside environment, but it can be kept from tarnishing by following a few guidelines and simple maintenance tips.


A jewellery box is the best option for storing jewellery. This way, a piece of jewellery is protected from excess light and moisture and will not come into contact with other jewellery. Keeping a lot of jewellery together can lead to different materials having an effect on one another and friction can tarnish the surface of the jewellery.

Wearing the jewellery

To keep the jewellery from tarnishing, protect its surface from scratching, moisture and chemicals. Jewellery should definitely not be kept in the bathroom. Before going to the bathroom, jewellery should be removed and stored in a separate box in a dry environment. Humidity significantly speeds up the oxidisation of silver jewellery, which may lead to the jewellery losing its shine. We also recommend storing the jewellery in a safe place while at the beach, since sand, sun and salt water will not do the jewellery any good.

When getting dressed, it is always a good idea to observe the golden rule: leave your jewellery till last. This ensures the jewellery is protected from coming into contact with lotions, hairsprays and perfumes – in other words, all of the chemicals that can tarnish the jewellery over time.


A soft piece of cloth or a special cloth for cleaning silver is suitable for cleaning jewellery. Light rubbing will remove oils and dirt from the surface and prevent it from tarnishing. It is generally not recommended to use a napkin or kitchen paper for this purpose as this may slightly scratch the surface. The same principles apply to the cleaning of stones. Although liquids for cleaning silver are also available in stores, we recommend that you handle these carefully at home. The liquid is not suitable for cleaning all jewellery.

Jewellery from A-gallery

We offer lifetime maintenance for jewellery purchased from the A-gallery store and online store. If a piece of jewellery needs cleaning or repairs, please come to the store at Hobusepea 2. Depending on the work needed, our sales consultants can offer prompt service or take an order for the service you require.