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Kaie Parts

In the book “A-Gallery. Estonian art jewellery gallery for 20 years” (2014)

Kaie Parts (b. 1940 in Võru County)

1967 SAIE

Freelance artist since 1972. I have participated in exhibitions since 1966, when I was still a student. I have developed myself through experiments all techniques and surface cover materials used in my works. In 1980 I brought nickel and chrome plating into Estonian art, in 1985 also black chrome. This was followed by the development of metallography technique. In this technique I have made several large wall plates. As materials, I have used iron, aluminium, stainless steel, bronze, copper, brass. In jewellery I have used silver and gold.

I wanted to enter the world of jewellery in a personal way, with my own author’s techniques, but as delicately as possible. I milled material, cut chips, twisted and plaited. Something started to live and became jewellery. I am carried forward by FEAR, fear to resemble somebody. I weave my insect brooches and animal figures in the air, with no framework. If an item is completed in your brain, the joy of making will remain. I have never made designs.

Since 2003 my jewellery made in author’s technique and jewellery sets have been displayed in the receptions of the President of Estonia. Cooperation in high fashion with Arne Niit, Ülle Suurhans-Pohjanheimo and Oksana Tandit has lasted over ten years. I have participated in 139 exhibitions. Small exhibitions in A-Gallery: “Pranksters” in 1996, “Bride’s Veils” in 2000, “Feast in Yourself” in 2003, “The Best Vaccine” in 2005.