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“This exhibition is a brief look back into my box of stones, where a fair amount has accumulated over time. People have often asked how one stone or another has made its way into my collection. I love to travel and go on adventures, which is no doubt one of my greatest sources of inspiration. To see and sense the symbolism, colours and incredible nature of different countries in all of their diversity. As a medium I like silver, with its multitude of soft half-tones.
I often use various different symbols carrying protective powers in my work. Our own octagram, sun cross and certain runic symbols have become my favourites.

The necklaces on display contain stones and pearls that are very special and dear to me. I have taken them out of their boxes before, admired them, and when putting them back have thought that it’s not their time just yet. Now they’re here before you, each of them with their very own story.”