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Jewellery Exhibition | A-Gallery | 13.7-13.8.2018 
Sanna Nuutinen & Kaisa Vuorinen
This exhibition is about minds and maps. We have thought about Tallinn and our relationship with the city, which is only around 80 kilometres from Helsinki. We have been to Tallinn many times, but now we are going to explore the city from jewellery artists’ point of view and find places that are peculiar to it. In addition, we will be hiding some jewellery on the streets of Tallinn. These hidden pieces will be tiny but visible and you will need a map or hints to find the places. The street pieces will lead you to A-Gallery.
Kaisa Vuorinen:
Work plays an important role in most people’s lives. If there is no work, there is no money.
Money, work and competition are themes in my jewellery. They are often on my mind. I made most of these works using the laborious and time consuming layer metal technique (mokume-gane). The patterns on the pieces come from sports medals found at flea markets. On the surface of the jewellery people work hard to win gold medals.
Coins represent small amounts of money. They can often be found on the streets, and if the value of a coin is very small, most people don’t even bother to pick it up. I have a bowl of coins at home, but I can’t use them to buy anything, because they are not in use anymore. They are made of combinations of metals, and it’s difficult to define their value. I use coins as a material for some of my jewellery. The coins have a new life and gain new value through my (handi)work.
Sanna Nuutinen:
First there’s a map; landmasses, water, coordinates. Then there are borders and walls. Walls are dividers, protectors or threats. Who built the wall, and why? Who has permission to go through it? There might be happiness on this side of the wall, while on the other side there’s something else. I have chosen words: contemporary rhetoric from the news. The words are passing comments on our present time: about movements, borders and politics. Turned into silver, there’s more time to think about the bigger picture behind the words. I have picked coordinates of different locations. Some of them are imaginary walls or borders, situated in the middle of seas and oceans. Others are concrete walls. Then there are walls/jewellery with holes in them. Where would you place a wall? Or is there a wall you would tear down?
We have placed tiny pieces of jewellery on the streets of Tallinn. The route starts from the harbour terminal and ends on Pikk Street, near A-Gallery. You can find the places by looking at the photos in the exhibition. It will be interesting to see how long the jewellery remains on the streets.