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Ulvi Haagensen

Ulvi Haagensen (b 1964 Sydney’s)

I am interested in stories – especially those told by ordinary objects around us.

Chairs pushed under the table, cornices and empty corners, free space between the lamp and the armchair, a clear shade of the teacup, an apron hanging on the hook, laundry drying on the cord – everything has something to say. Common is comprehensible and universal, and by no means meaningless.

I start every piece with a drawing – sometimes it stays a drawing.

The momentum of the sketch and its traditions, the way to use the line to convey depth and volume are of particular interest to me. For most works, I try not to use a plain surface like paper, but rather welded wires in the room. I’m starting to discover different types of drawings in the form of a collage … and they’re made of paper, and it is quite a different magic.