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Custom orders

In addition to the jewellery displayed in the store, A-gallery also offers custom-made jewellery.

A custom piece of is invaluable to the person wearing it. As such, you can discuss your wishes and thoughts to make sure the jewellery has special meaning for its wearer, whether it is for the purchaser or a gift for a loved one.

For a custom piece, it is possible to use a specific precious stone, to complement an already existing set of jewellery or to simply make a dream piece of jewellery come true.

Some of the most common custom pieces that our artists make are engagement and wedding rings. Jewellery that symbolises a spiritual connection and infinity between just two people deserves an individual and personal approach. No restrictions apply to custom-made wedding rings. You can choose any materials and techniques. Rings may be made from classic rose gold, modern yellow gold with a distinguished texture or from several different precious metals. The rings can be personalised further with different surface treatments and precious stones.

To place a custom order, we recommend that you come to the A-galerii store at Hobusepea 2, Tallinn. Our experienced sales consultants will find the most suitable jewellery artist to fulfil your wishes and vision. Questions related to custom orders can also be sent to info@agalerii.ee.

Repairs and maintenance

We are happy to offer maintenance and repair services for all jewellery purchased at A-galerii. If a piece of jewellery needs cleaning or repairs, please come to the store at Hobusepea 2. Depending on the work needed, our sales consultants can offer prompt service or take an order for the service you require. We immediately take in defective products and return them to the artist for repairs. In other cases, we will come up with a suitable solution in cooperation with the customer and the artist.

Depending on the nature of the maintenance or repair work, the service may be subject to a fee. The fee depends on the work required. The fee for routine cleaning is the ordinary artist’s fee of €5, but for more complicated repairs we suggest that you ask for a quote first.

You can also come to us to repair custom-made jewellery that was not purchased from A-gallery. We will advise you to the best of our ability and direct you to a trustworthy goldsmith if needed.