Ester Faiman

“My tiger jewellery collection began with the vault exhibition “At the Distance of an Era”. Special exhibiting fixtures were designed for the jewellery, which resulted in the first bizarre interlude. The morning after the exhibition had been set up, I received a dramatic phone call and was told that the panels had fallen off the walls and all of my works were completely broken! An hour later, when the panels had been remounted and a few bent wires twisted straight, the exhibition was re-opened to visitors. None of the jewels were broken, but nerves were slightly wracked. A while later, I received a message that one of my works had been stolen. Mari Relo, her voice still shaking from shock, recounted the unbelievable tale of how she ran after the thief and later encountered the same thief in a food store, where he was apprehended. The thief’s capture was of no use and the jewel never resurfaced. I was later told by a member of the gallery’s staff, that the exhibition seemed to be cursed. This was surprising, since I was very pleased with it and received positive feedback, but I found solace in the thought that I could be forever in A-Gallery’s history books as the creator of the first cursed exhibition.” – Ester Faiman at the A-Gallery exhibition MEMORY CARDS (2019)

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