The best VAULT exhibition of A-Gallery in 2022 is FINDINGS by Irene Jürna 29.12.2022

Estonian jewellery artists have chosen the best A-Gallery VAULT exhibition of 2022. As the principal local exhibition space for jewellery, the A-Gallery VAULT has focused for many years on introducing new works by professional jewellery artists and blacksmiths. Last year the vault hosted 11 various exhibitions, of which Irene Jürna’s FINDINGS was chosen as the […]

ARTIST TALK: Ketli Tiitsar & Flora Vagi 08.09.2022

We welcome You to A-Gallery on Thursday September 15 at 6 p.m, to an inspiring artist talk with Ketli Tiitsar and Flora Vagi. The two artists opened their exhibition DIALOGIES OF LONGING in the VAULT of A-Gallery on September 2. On September 15 You will have an extraordinary opportunity to experience the exhibition together with […]

A-Gallery OPEN CALL 2023 05.09.2022

A-Gallery OPEN CALL 2023 Open Call for exhibitions at the A-Gallery VAULT and WINDOWS The most notable exhibition space for jewellery and blacksmithing in Estonia announces an open call for the exhibition programme of 2023 at the A-Gallery VAULT and WINDOWS. We welcome applications from jewellery artists as well as boldly experimenting exhibition projects that […]

Artist talk: Ilona Treiman 28.07.2022

Ilona Treiman is a jewellery and metal artist and teacher, who uses different materials and techniques in her work, characterised by a sculptural approach. She has graduated from metalworking at the Estonian Academy of Arts (1984), is a member of the Estonian Artists Association, Ornamo Art and Design Finland and The Union of Finnish Art […]

Artist Talk: ARKIVET 12.07.2022

On July 6, 2022, we had the pleasure to open the group exhibition ICE COLD of the Norwegian collective ARKIVET on A-Gallery WINDOWS, which was also visited by the Norwegian ambassador Else Berit Eikeland. On the opening night, Camilla Luihn and Putte H. Dal were interviewed by the artist Urmas Lüüs and they introduced the […]


A-Gallery debuts at Munich Jewellery Week 2022 with 40 Estonian jewellery artists. The annual Munich Jewellery Week showcases innovative contemporary jewellery by both established and up-and-coming designers from around the world. It is the most significant event for the contemporary jewellery community, and it sets the pace for the entire field. Amongst the 40 artists […]

Artist talk: Katja Toporski 28.06.2022

In June 2022, Katja Toporski’s solo exhibition WELL BEING was shown in A-Gallery’s VAULT. Born in Frankfurt, Germany, Katja Toporski is a jewellery maker, professor and writer with an MFA from Towson University, living just outside of Washington DC. She also holds a medical degree and had been a practising anesthesiologist prior to her career […]

A-Gallery 28 07.05.2022

On Tuesday, 10th of May, A-Gallery will celebrate its 28th birthday! It is a great pleasure for A-Gallery that we have been able to bring together jewellery and it’s admireres for 28 years and to be a unique meeting place where the story of jewellery art through different generations, forms and ideas opens up. On […]

New exhibitions opened! 06.05.2022

The first week of May has been full of festive events. The gallery got brand new windows New exciting exhibitions on the windows – ASHLEIGH MCCULLOCH, YU-FANG HU / YAEL FRIEDMAN / ELIZE HIIOP The Chair of the Board of A-Gallery Ene Valter opened her jubilee exhibition IN THE WIND OF WHAT’S BEEN DONE in […]

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