Custom Orders

Custom order

With a custom order, you can add a missing piece to an existing set or make the jewellery of your or your loved one’s dreams come true. Special orders are always a collaboration between the client and the artist – the client has the opportunity to share their vision and ideas with the artist.

Wedding and engagement rings

Jewellery that symbolises a spiritual connection and infinity between just two people deserves an individual and personal approach. Wedding rings are custom-made in collaboration with the artist. No restrictions apply and you can choose between any materials and techniques.

Repair and care

We are happy to help with jewellery that needs to be repaired or cleaned in A-Gallery, at Hobusepea 2. If you are unable to come to the gallery yourself, you can fill in the form below and send us the jewellery by mail! If the jewellery has been purchased from the gallery, the repair work will be performed by the author of the jewellery.

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