Hans-Otto Ojaste

Hans-Otto Ojaste


BA 2012

Of the metals, iron is closest to my heart, it has many different faces.

It seems like a warm material, a very attractive material.

The surface left after iron is cast is the most appealing – something random and regular at the same time.

– – –

Being at the forge bings mental clarity. If I work eight hours in a row, without eating – it is incredible to work like that. I would not be able to do other work this way.

There is some kind of energy in the flames of the forge that keeps you going. Fatigue comes later.

– – –

I am not some hirsute ancient blacksmith, I’m not that type of person

But this work with fire does contain mystery.

In the book “On Iron” – compiled by Kadri Mälk (Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn 2013)

Hans-Otto Ojaste

The artist talk was conducted by jewellery artist Marita Lumi.
Filmed and edited by Liina Lõõbas.

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