Hyrv is a jewellery brand created by jewellery artist Kateryna Pishon, which has been operating since 2012. Hyrv, or deer in Estonian, is derived from the nickname of Kateryna Pishon, the brand’s creative director and founder. In addition, the creators of the brand consider the mythological significance of deer in the ancient Nordic cultures to be important – the deer brings good luck and harmony, and seeing the deer was considered a good omen. Hyrv uses only natural stones and recycled silver, and gold for special orders. As the only brand in Estonia, high-quality Japanese Akoya sea pearls are brought to the country and used in their jewellery.

In 2018, Hyrv participated in the highly regarded jewellery fair JCK Las Vegas in the United States, where it was awarded first place in the brand’s collection “Coco”.

In 2019, Kateryna Pishon’s solo exhibition TITANIUM BALLOONS took place in A-Gallery.

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