Jan Niedre

Sven Tali (1970), working under the artist persona Jan Niedre, is an Estonian jewelry artist and a photographer. He received his BA in Jewelry and Metal Arts from the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2003 and continued his studies at ESAD MATOSINHOS (College of Art and Design, Porto). Tali has participated in group and solo exhibitions with jewelry and conceptual objects since 2003. Between 2006 and 2012, he served as the chairman of the Estonian Association of Metal Artists.

“I have been dealing with jewellery, participating in exhibitions as well as organising them. My focus of interest has changed in time and in recent years I have found photography more interesting. Recording of Estonian jewellery life is my mission. As a jewellery artist, I would describe my works as technical, multi-layer and philosophical. Alertness of mind is important for me.”

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