Leida Ilo

Leida Ilo (b. 1943 in Bashkiria)

1970 SAIE

My author’s jewellery is the pin “Golden Thorn”. I have pricked these “thorns” to the chests of many people, also to myself, in direct as well as metaphorical meaning. Instead decoration, I have preferred to dive into the world of messages and make invisible visible through form. I do not fabricate my creation, but just let them come out – I put them into practice.

Perception, sense and tuning is important. Staying in tune is very important, because this work is a play and it must sound, be in tune. Then the essential things will go to the right places themselves and you can later be surprised that work is doing itself. I have experienced that when I do something important for my soul, there are also other souls, who find it important. This is a way of communication, a language, language of art.- In the book “A-Gallery. Estonian art jewellery gallery for 20 years” (2014)


Keywords of works throughout the years.

Stalks in the wind

Wreaths of cherry blossoms

Soul boats

Leida Ilo at the A-Gallery exhibition MEMORY CARDS (2019)

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