Liina Lõõbas

Liina Lõõbas (b. 1987 in Tallinn)

2015 EAA MA (cum laude)

“The silver specks with which these items of jewellery are finished, I’ve been collecting since I was in school. With the completion of each piece of jewellery, I empty my work apron, clean the accumulated remaining bits of silver residue and sift out the specks. I’ve even exchanged some of it with other jewellers in our building. It’s interesting to think about what paths this material has taken, before finally coming to me. When the given collection was finished and the jewellery needed to be hallmarked, I had hesitations – what if the silver isn’t pure? The origin of each grain cannot be known for sure. The thought lay heavy on my mind before I had to take the whole series to the assay office to be checked. I was nervous for several days until the expected answer arrived: the jewellery corresponds to the 925 test of the Republic of Estonia and is marked accordingly.” – Liina Lõõbas at the A-Gallery exhibition MEMORY CARDS (2019)

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