Marita Lumi

Marita Lumi (1985)

2015 EAA MA

“Before the BETTER TOMORROW exhibition, I “grew” metal around a 3D print. Most likely some acid seeped in through the microscopic cracks and some cyanide as well during the silvering process, and so a little blue acid might have been formed. You don’t need much; it is very toxic. I was working in a ventilated space, but I still started to feel sick. The doctor in the emergency room began looking for answers in a book four hours later… The poison hotline said, but you’re alive, otherwise you’d be dead. Analyses from the forensic medicine laboratory confirmed that I’m healthy.

Since then, I’ve been very careful. I won’t repeat this kind of experiment, won’t attempt things blindly or work in a “spacesuit”. And yet this experience made me realise, that most people in my field are very careless when it comes to compying with safety requirements.” – Marita Lumi at the A-Gallery exhibition MEMORY CARDS  (2019)

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