Paul Villemi

Paul Villemi (1983)

2014 EAA BA

“Arriving at knives was a natural and logical continuation of my love of Japan, stylistics, purity of style, lifestyle and aesthetics. These coloured handles are a mixture of epoxy, gypsum powder and silk dye. I experimented for a long time and found a suitable recipe. Since I’ve worked so much with epoxy, I simply started trying. At first I tried to print them, but they didn’t come out strong enough. Then I printed the positive model and got the moulds. Inadvertently a very beautiful thing emerged. From there I continued, initially in black and white. The epoxy remained attached to the school age when it was tried in the course of a project as recommended by the course student.” – Paul Villemi at the A-Gallery exhibition MEMORY CARDS  (2019)

Paul Villemi

The artist talk was conducted by jewellery artist Marita Lumi.
Filmed and edited by Liina Lõõbas.

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