Urmas Lüüs

Urmas Lüüs (1987)

2014 EAA MA (cum laude)

I didn’t choose iron at first – I wanted to learn the art of jewellery making. When I applied to the academy, I had replicas of archaeological jewellery finds. Upon seeing them, Rein Mets said that I should enrol in blacksmithing. And so I did, as I didn’t have anything against iron. It had previously kindled interest in me and I had tried my hand at it. Now I consider it a great stroke of fortune that Rein didn’t want me to enrol in the jewellery programme.

– – –

Having a sensibility for any material gives you the power to intuit the world. The ability to mould a material confers the ability to shape the world. My art education has given me the ability to see. Thanks to blacksmithing I know how to influence it and change what I see. If you are able to understand structures, you can take them apart and rebuild them in your own way. Although iron is one of the most important anchor points for the way I think and act, I would not want to limit myself to it. Lately I have discovered, through iron, a number of doors to music and theatre. The boundaries between media are blurry. The final frontier can only be the human being himself.- In the book “Rauast/ On Iron” – compiled by Kadri Mälk (Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn 2013)

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