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Cufflinks with the message THE END, BIG DEAL, HARD WORK, ONE WAY, LIVE LIFE

Adolfas Šaulys: “Artists think first and foremost with their hands. Our language is form, but it may sometimes be distant to the viewer. Therefore, a verbal game may effect the viewer more directly. I have a set of cufflinks with the writing THE and END. It was spring and the boys were finishing school, it seemed like a good way to mark the end of school. It seems like currently life is so stressful, many around us are divorcing already. Some split up catastrophically, some remain friends. Wouldn’t it be great, if a woman bought THE END cufflinks as a gift for her former husband to mark the end of the marriage? Words provide a very wide variational spectrum on how to use them. Everyone has their own context.”

Materials: silver 925, niello

Measurements: 14,9 x 14,9 x  3,5 mm

Weight: 8,4 g

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