Ive-Maria Köögard

Ive-Maria Köögard (b 1942 in Tartu)

1968 SAIE

I studied in SAIE in the speciality of jewellery and worked 1968–1996 in Ars-Juveel as an artist. 1996–2013 I worked in the jewellery company OÜ Kuldgraal as an artist-jeweller.

From 2014 the work in Kuldgraal continues. In 1971 I held personal exhibition in the gallery of the Art Hall together with Tiiu Aru, Edda Kingu, Laine Sinivee and Tea Vellerind, in 1991 personal exhibition in Hobusepea salon, in 2012 in A-Gallery. In earlier period my works have been exposed in several annual applied art exhibitions, exhibitions of the Jewellery Artists’ Association and foreign exhibitions. I have been a member of the Artists’ Association since 1971.- In the book “A-Gallery. Estonian art jewellery gallery for 20 years” (2014)

“During the Soviet era, the stones used at the ARS Art Products Factory were bought from Russia. Once I went along to the Sverdlovsk stone polishing factory. There was a wash basin full of  stones, from which we could choose stones for production. When ARS closed in 1996, they sold their remaining stock. We bought stones from them at a good price; at the time we didn’t know where we would be getting stones from. I made this necklace for the solo exhibition celebrating my 70th birthday. I saw that by itself, the stone wasn’t anything special: gray and pale, with little red spots inside. There were six of them, of which one I made into a brooch. By themselves, these stones weren’t very “appetizing”, but when I put them together, they began to make an impression. I added red garnets to the necklace as little stars.” – Ive-Maria Köögard  at the A-Gallery exhibition MEMORY CARDS (2019)

Ive-Maria Köögard

The artist talk was conducted by jewellery artist Marita Lumi.
Filmed and edited by Marita Lumi.

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