Kadi Veesaar

Kadi Veesaar is a playful jewellery artist creating both unique jewellery and limited series of jewellery. She loves experimenting with a wide range of materials, still trying to cast them into the pure, wearable form. A thoughtful touch of colour, simple but playful form and high-quality craftsmanship combined with high-tech technologies are all essential elements of the Kadi Veesaar Jewellery.

Jewellery art wasn’t the first choice of her career. Although she initially studied to be a fashion designer and is a certified men’s tailor, she previously has had a lengthy career in the software development. But feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled at her work she took studies of jewellery and blacksmithing in the Estonian Academy of Arts. 2016 she her last workplace, Skype, for the jewellery art. Since then, she has put all her heart, energy, and time into building up her own jewellery brand – Kadi Veesaar Jewellery and participating in art jewellery exhibitions.
She loves the variety that creating jewellery involves – emotionally, and technically. And she simply adores working with her hands, feeling the transformation of materials into the reflections of her ideas. She has never stopped learning and developing herself, resulting with unique and remarkable set of technical skills. Technological challenges keep her inner flame burning and the ark of inspiration full.
As a growing artist she feels the increasing desire to push the hidden buttons in the people’s souls, to direct them to contemplate, to ask questions and to deflect their thoughts away from the usual path…

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