Katrin Veegen

Katrin Veegen (b. 1978 in Tallinn)

2002 EAA BA

I started art studies in Kopli Upper Secondary School and continued in the Estonian Academy of Arts. During the period of higher education I improved myself also in UK, Birmingham University. After graduation I started work in OÜ Aurum as a goldsmith-designer. After a couple of years of practising and self-development I chose the career of a freelance artist.

I have exposed my creation in exhibitions in Estonia and abroad, and received also several speciality awards.

I make jewellery for the wish to share my personal stories as well as for just experimentation and playing. I am interested in different materials and their usage possibilities. In earlier creation I was fascinated by the play with colours and textures, while now I have started to feel appeal towards more classical materials and techniques, which value is lasting in time and in longer perspective also more wearer-friendly. I appreciate technical completion of the works and clarity and purity in design.- In the book “A-Gallery. Estonian art jewellery gallery for 20 years” (2014)

“A special piece of jewelry with an interesting story just went to Japan. But in my eyes, Grete Annikve’s creations are a kind of non grata jewellery. “From another opera,” as per the Estonian expression, non-pretentious. “Grete” was born from the situation that I was at home with a baby and wasn’t able to get anywhere creatively. I still wanted to work on something and my hand demanded a job. I thought, “Ah, I’ll make some little flowers.” Grete Annikve (an anagram) is not a complete secret, but I don’t explicitly “advertise” her as myself. Even though she now even has her own Instagram account, and creatively is still active with intermittent success. Grete is good and easy to cooperate with, she doesn’t overthink.

It was interesting to hear from my colleague Keiu Koppel, that she did not previously know that Grete and I were one person. All the more humorous was thereby her telling me that while looking around the gallery she was wondering who was copying who. I myself have considered “our” handwriting to be very different, but the source of all inspiration must secretly reveal itself. A more attentive eye and spirit are able to perceive it.” – Katrin Veegen at the A-Gallery exhibition MEMORY CARDS (2019)

Katrin Veegen

The artist talk was conducted by jewellery artist Marita Lumi and Sille Kima.

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