Krista Lehari

Krista Lehari (b. 1967 in Tallinn)

1994 Tallinn Art University

People are most important. I like to make jewellery for a specific person. I look, ask, listen. This is a game where a riddle is born, which connects jewellery to the wearer.

Jewellery has meaning, mystery, inner space. A message known and seen perhaps only by the related parties. In case of jewellery I love silver. I work also with larger forms – awards and objects. In recent period I have been interested also in the design of small series and cooperation with other designers. It is organizing and fertilizing.

My recent works: Golden Microphone Awards of ERR 2010–2013; small series of jewellery for VARKKI fashion brand; ceremonial cross for St Petersburg Jaani Church in cooperation with the design agency Identity; display wheel of Maiasmokk Cafe in cooperation with Identity. I also conduct metal courses for children and adults. Teaching teaches.- In the book “A-Gallery. Estonian art jewellery gallery for 20 years” (2014)

“MÖBIUS’ POLYGON is an allegory for our eternal fight with the everyday, where our invisible spirit is trapped in the metaphysical bubble of our own personal life. Estranged from reality and other people who surround us, we pass through the routinely repeating trajectory of the everyday in the apparentness which sprawls daily. We concentrate on material, structures and texture, not the deeper content. We are at once squirrels running in a wheel and canaries in a cave.” – Krista Lehari at the A-Gallery exhibition MEMORY CARDS (2019)