Margus Tänav

Margus Tänav (b. 1971 in Tallinn)

1998 EAA BA, 1999 EAA Teachers’ Training Centre

1999–2001 I worked in Pelgulinna Upper Secondary School as a teacher of art and art history, since 2010 I have been teacher of art and art history in Rocca al Mare School.

I make my jewellery mainly of silver and gold, sometimes combining these materials. In various periods I have been interested in various techniques, there is no fixed favourite. I have designed souvenirs, completed works ordered by private persons and institutions, and sometimes participated in exhibitions in Estonia and abroad.

I am inspired by nature with its structures and forms. I like fine graphical patterns, which I oppose in my works to large empty surfaces. Sometimes I become fond of architecture, its volumes and proportions. I have been fascinated by the forged items of the Old Town – vanes, wall anchors. These motives have found way also into my jewellery.

Sometimes jewellery is like a process, constantly changing and developing in the course of its completion. Therefore it may happen that the original idea is lost in the process. I try to make jewellery that make the wearer happy. As simple as that.- In the book “A-Gallery. Estonian art jewellery gallery for 20 years” (2014)

“The motifs reflected in my work are mostly derived from what is around me. They could be fleeting, cognitive impressions or moods, but also forms which speak to me. Sawed patterns and ornaments repeat rhythmically in their logical regularity. Sometimes I create orderly systems from these patterns, and at other times, disorder and chaos. It’s like a game with patterns, which I enjoy. On occasion, this results in a piece of jewellery. For me, the most meaningful jewellery is that which I’ve made very personally for someone; perhaps they’ve been created for someone very special to me. This gives it meaning.” – Margus Tänav at the A-Gallery exhibition MEMORY CARDS (2019)

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