Tiina Käesel

Tiina Käesel (b. 1943 in Põltsamaa)

1972 SAIE

The supervisor of my diploma project professor Salme Raunam taught me to be playful and open to impulses. The start in art life was interesting, although with modest artistic achievements. This situation has not changed. I have been rather a wanderer in the spheres drawing my interest and maybe this can also explain the draw towards a certain spiral, moving, open and changing image in my jewellery.

My instrument is wire, its tensioned movement and connection with some stone or image – or lazy calming in a closed image, occasional crossing or separation of lines. Simultaneously a game and a fight.

I have much more unfinished than done – and will remain unfinished. Not doing is also a deed – if it is a decision, not indolence. But I am also indolent.- In the book “A-Gallery. Estonian art jewellery gallery for 20 years” (2014)

“I recently discovered a bird, a crow, in my special jewellery drawer. Silver, with a small, pale amethyst. It was given to me for my birthday long ago by Lia Tüür, one of the founders of A-Gallery, and its long-time guardian. So why am I talking about this? Birds became my own theme, in order to decoratively and technologically use their silhouettes, shadows and flight dynamics in jewellery making, which would hopefully catch the eye of gallery visitors. I do it all in a simpler and more efficient way, and the work is completed much faster than the 15×15 mm crow, which was embossed, soldered on a plate, sawed and engraved. I also remember how Lia and Juta Vahtramäe “studied” the crows at the base in Palanga, as such activity in now called.” – Tiina Käesel at the A-Gallery exhibition MEMORY CARDS (2019)