Ülle Mesikäpp

Ülle Mesikäpp (b 1961 in Paide)

1988 SAIE

I was born in a family of art students and I have really wanted to become an artist already since childhood. Now I would rather call myself a designer. When comparing jewellery with literature, I am rather a prosaist, making simple silver jewellery for everyday use. Poetry is a bit distant for me, but I am fond of novels.

In my opinion the charm of my jewellery arises from the fact that I have designed them in my head, made them with my hands, and when somebody else recognises the message, the jewellery will provide positive charge and power for further actions, for living. For me, making jewellery is a process, moving outward from me. I do not wear jewellery myself; I do not consider it necessary to append something to me. Ideas come and go. Some of them will be materialised in reality, some will return to eternity. I love gemstones or minerals. I have a large collection of various stones for playing and dreaming.- In the book “A-Gallery. Estonian art jewellery gallery for 20 years” (2014)

“I have an abundant gemstone collection. If I’m in a good mood, I take them out and play, place complimentary ones together and draw jewellery around the stones. My jewellery is created to adorn and bring joy to the wearer and other admirerers.” – Ülle Mesikäpp at the A-Gallery exhibition MEMORY CARDS (2019)

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