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Kristiina Kibe

Captured moments of inescapable power. Things that we have not experienced can be sensed as terrifying, more powerful or beautiful. It is said that fear has big eyes. When our eyes are filled with fear, do we see that which does not exist or rather, are we seeing with a heightened sense of precision?

Kristiina Kibe (1970) is an Estonian metal artist and a biologist. She teaches metal chemistry and patination technology at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Kibe received her BA at University of Tartu in 1994, studying biology. In the years 2002-2005 she learned jewelry and metal art at the master classes of Estonian Academy of Arts (Kadri Mälk, Rein Mets, Piret Hirv, Bettina Speckner). In 2009 she received an MA in Jewelry and Metal Arts at the Estonian Academy of Arts. She has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions since.

Jan Niedre

To survive at the mercy of another.
To have mercy on all living.
To live without mercy and have mercy in living.
Mercy touches the living and only in life can we be merciful.
And David said to Gad, I am in a
great strait: let us fall now
into the hand of the LORD; for
his mercies are great: and let me
not fall
into the hand of man.

(2Sm 24:14)

Sven Tali (1970), working under the artist persona Jan Niedre, is an Estonian jewelry artist and a photographer. He received his BA in Jewelry and Metal Arts from the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2003 and continued his studies at ESAD MATOSINHOS (College of Art and Design, Porto). Tali has participated in group and solo exhibitions with jewelry and conceptual objects since 2003. Between 2006 and 2012, he served as the chairman of the Estonian Association of Metal Artists.

Kai Kubja

Jewellery made of silver.

Created according to mood and in the moment. Some moments have been longer than others.

All jewellery has been created listening to good music in nice weather and with absolutely no restrictions. Let the wearer of the jewellery recognise the magic, the artist does not intervene by making up stories. The sole inspiration for the author is the emotion in the moment – black-and-white today, colourful and sweet tomorrow.

Everything is mixed up and different, but with one common denominator – the artist.

Kai Kubja has a degree in art pedagogy, she studied at the jewellery department at Estonian Academy of Arts, and has worked and taught in Cologne, Germany. Kai’s specialities are enamelling and wearable miniature painting. Pearls and antique jewellery are her great passions. She creates her jewellery in her home studio in Aegviidu, where every day is like Friday…