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The artist says that in this exhibition she has dealt with the fate of the Estonian people in time through her vision at that time.

The materials used are brass, copper, tombac, silver and new silver.

In her work, the artist seeks to create an artistic unity between natural forms, form, and geometric elements by intertwining the signs of Estonian native faith. The artist deals with the topics of her life, nature and politics.

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The exhibition SEASIDE STORIES, which covers the A-Gallery Safe and windows, is related to the theme of the Tallinn Capital of Culture year.

Curator of the exhibition is jeweller Tiina Käesel.

Participating artist are: Ulvi Haagensen, Leida Ilo, Urve Küttner, Heino Prunsvelt, Jüri Roosa, Aivar Simson ehk Simson Seakülast, Ketli Tiitsar ja Kertu Tuberg.

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I am inspired by beauty and tenderness. Dried flowers leave such a beautiful but fragile impression, inviting me to touch with all the tenderness that is in me. I want to capture the same feeling in my work – to find a balance between simplicity and complexity and combine it with my own sense of beauty.
All of these jewellery are my attempts to create beauty, to find the perfect piece of jewellery. – Aija Kivi
The exhibition was supported by the Estonian Cultural Endowment

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This is a second exhibition of the art group OTSE!.
CONCRETE AGE explores the dreams and myths of the concrete age. The exhibition exhibits concrete works in a sacred atmosphere, where instead of precious stones, there is an artificial stone in the service of jewellery. For the first time in the world, the exhibition presents an innovative material – golden concrete, which embodies the spirit of the era.
The art group OTSE! is Nils Hint, Rainer Kaasik-Aaslav and Annika Kedelauk.