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A-Gallery’s annual art jewellery exhibition KIREVANE


Local jewellery artists will conclude the year with an annual exhibition, which this year is called KIREVANE. The exhibition will be open in the VAULT of A-Gallery 𝟎𝟐.𝟏𝟐.𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟐–𝟎𝟗.𝟎𝟏.𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟑. ⁠

The name KIREVANE comes from an Estonian word meaning colourful and diverse. As a proverb it also holds meaning as something ominous and devilish. Thus this word characterizes the passing year, which in the beginning was continuing to flow in the rythm of the blue masks that had become the symbols for covid. Soon yellow from the Ukrainain flad was added on. The summer turned blue, black and white from the Estonian flag, with the controversy surrounding the tank monument in Narva. In the fall everybody saw red as inflation increased. What other colours and moods does 2022 hold? 

The exhibition design is created by painter Kristi Kongi, who creates a colorful and exciting installation on the surface of the gallery, which gives each exhibition work a place with its own color and also brings temporary newness to the gallery.

The exhibition assembles exciting artworks made in the last year by 40 Estonian jewellery artists and is a festive conclusion to the year. The unique artworks of the KIREVANE exhibition are for sale for the whole duration of the exhibition.

Participating artists: Ene Valter, Ive-Maria Köögard, Kertu Vellerind, Tea Vellerind, Krista Laos, Merike Balod, Ülle Kõuts, Ülle Voosalu, Ulvi Haagensen, Urve Küttner, Viktorija Lillemets, Kätrin Beljaev, Ülle Mesikäpp, Krista Lehari, Keiu Koppel, Tõnis Malkov, Ivar Kaasik, Raili Vinn, Mari Pärtelpoeg, Harry Tensing, Mari Relo-Šaulys, Adolfas Šaulys, Kadi Kübarsepp, Marita Lumi, Tamara Sergijenko, Margit Paulin, Katrin Veegen, Ane Raunam, Keesi Kapsta, Aino Kapsta, Henry Mardisalu, Ester Faiman, Kadi Veesaar, Elize Hiiop, Liina Lelov, Valdek Laur, Kristiina Laurits, Sven Tali, Tiina Käesel, Kati Erme, Anneli Tammik, Hans-Otto Ojaste.

The opening event is sponsored by Nautimus drinks.

The exhibition is sponsored by Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

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