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TIME, a celebration of the 85. birthday of the filigree-master Aino Kapsta, is an overview of her works created over the recent years. The exhibition is open in the Vault of A-gallery from 27.06.2020 to 18.07.2020. 

“My exhibition is a cross-section of the ideas I have arrived at when working in my beloved filigree technique which has fascinated me for decades now. I have often found myself starting from the centre, then moving towards the edges – a process I have discovered to closely resemble making of mandalas. Into each element and detail I have laid good thoughts. Making this exhibition was a kind of therapy for me: I was deeply at peace and experienced the lightness of overwhelming joy.

The show includes three autonomous sets of works: brooches, pendants and neck pieces.

The brooches carry the initial vision of the show, the luminescence of clouds, while the pendants and neck pieces pushed the concept forward. Mostly, I chose to use semi-precious stones. Quartz with its brightness fits my vision perfectly, the powerful essence of garnets and the warmth of topaz is supported by gold spheres. I wish for the inner peace and harmony to radiate to the viewers through my work.”


Aino Kapsta was born in Saaremaa in 1935. She graduated from Kuressaare Secondary School and continued her studies at the State Art Institute. Although Kapsta’s first choice was sculpture, in 1961 she graduated from the Metal Department and in 1966 became a member of the Estonian Artists’ Association. It is probably thanks to her sculpture studies that she created several panels, fountains, decorative metal grids, clocks, and sculptures in Narva, Tartu, Moscow, Jurmala and Saaremaa, many of them in collaboration with Mai Mägi.

Even though Kapsta has always enjoyed experimenting with materials and techniques, due to circumstances brass, red copper, bronze, melchior, and new silver remained her favourite materials for a long time. A wide selection of these items belongs to the collection of Estonian Applied Art and Design Museum.

Freedom to use precious metals allowed for experimenting with new techniques. For example, melting numerous small details into various compositions, and of course, filigree technique, which is creatively extremely satisfying due to its complexity and abundant detail, while being simultaneously fragile and delicate, yet powerful and resilient.


Aino Kapsta


27.06.2020 – 18.07.2020 in the Vault of A-gallery

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