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Anna-Maria Saar
“On preservation and conservation”
September 16 through October 10, 2016
Anna-Maria Saar’s personal exhibition “On preservation and conservation” will be open since September 16 in the Vault Room of A-Gallery. 
Will my work be preserved by itself?
Dust, humidity, wood stove heating and unstable materials. I am, in fact, doing nothing in order to preserve my work. I have been in the role of a creator not a preserver. Either an attacker or a defender. When am I obliged to start preserving my work? Is it the moment I have completed the work or the moment it starts to fall apart? The next logical step would be placing the work into a box or exhibit in the museum. Is this an issue at all or just a possibility of various options?
Is the value of my work based on my personal belief or someone else’s belief? Do you exhale on my work? If I ask you to open them with care, will you do it? My work is still close to me.
At the current exhibition I am intrigued to understand my role and responsibilities as an artist whose work stays home after its completion. I am intrested in the best way to preserve my work. Will I become an archivist if I conserve it? What is the best place of conservation? Who will have the right to take out my work when I create a safe, an archive, or conserve the pieces in a room with the right temperature? What is the secure way? In case no one will ever see the work, will it acquire value during some time or will the presence of a viewer revalue the work? 
My work is exhibited with the same covers it had when touring around the Nordic jewellery exhibitions in Scandinavia. The purpose is to present the worthless material as a valuable one since the pieces express dignity from the start. 
Please take a look. Open it. 
Anna-Maria Saar obtained BA degree in the department of jewellery and blacksmithing at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2011. She has participated in group exhibitions in Estonia, Finland and Israel. In 2012, the artist was invited to take part in the Nordic jewellery exhibition “From the Coolest Corner. Nordic jewellery” that was touring around Scandinavia, Germany and Estonian in 2013-2015. Anna-Maria Saar’s first personal exhibition “Composed Sensibility” was opened in Amsterdam in 2014. She has also held special projects in Estonia and Western Europe; among the recent ones there was “Memory Card” (2016) – an interactive piece exhibited in the festival of Tartu urban space (UIT).
Artist’s gratitude goes to the following people who have helped with the preparation process of the exhibition: Merike Alber, Mariann Habicht, Liis Vares, Mirjam Reili, Kertu Viira, Piret Karro.
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