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Edgar Volkov 07.03–30.05.2020

In his first solo exhibition, Edgar Volkov deals with the potential of water to be the bearer of change. While thinking about the surface of water as a border between states of being, he is interested in the experience of encountering the unknown and when the encounter becomes acknowledged as a change. The works he presents are hand engraved silver brooches covered in dark enamel.

“How dark is the water that surrounds us? What lies beneath the surface, in the bottomless dark? Do we dare to take a look?
And what will we find when we dip our fingers in the waters? Will we find what’s been lost? And when we get lost and resurface from the depths, will we be the same as we once were?”

Edgar Volkov is a jewellery artist. He graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2015 specializing in jewelry (BA). He is working at Roman Tavast. He has taken part of group exhibitions Vari at the courtyard of Estonian Academy of Arts (2014), Ferromenaalne at Tallinn City Gallery (2014) and Pinna all at St John’s Almshouse Museum (2016).