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Ene Valter 06.05–04.06.2022

On Friday, 6th of May Ene Valter’s jubilee exhibition IN THE WIND OF WHAT’S BEEN DONE will be opened in the VAULT of A-Gallery. This exhibition marks the artist’s fourth solo show at A-Gallery. It’s become a tradition that Ene Valter’s exhibitions take place every five years, thus providing the artist with a great opportunity to celebrate her notable birthdays more festively.

In recent years, Valter has been working with high-temperature enamel, which is also predominant in the jewellery of this exhibition. The nature of this rather capricious and technologically demanding technique makes it possible to quench the “hunger for color” that often prevails in the field of jewellery. Shades of blue, which the artist juxtaposes with turquoise, green chrysoprase and jade, have become especially characteristic in Ene Valter’s enamel creations. Valter is also fond of nacre also known as mother of pearl – its shade of calm white glow together with enameled silver forms a charming combination. In her earlier work, Valter has mostly cultivated a stricter and more geometric form, however, in the works of this exhibition the artist has taken a more romantic and soft approach. The shapes have become more free and fluid.

In creating her pieces, Ene Valter has always focused on timelessness – her jewellery is wearable over time meant to be passed down from generation to generation.

Ene Valter is an Estonian jewellery artist whose everyday work at the Ars Vasetööd company is mostly dedicated to the design and production of medals, orders and honorary decorations. She has designed and prepared these notable pieces for university rectors and mayors. Ene Valter graduated from the Estonian National Institute of Art in 1977 and she has been a member of the Estonian Artists’ Union since 1986.