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Kadi Kübarsepp 23.02–26.03.2018
What is my jewellery made of?
I gave them space.
Form began from the line.
The form and space are made of metal.
They came from emptiness.
Kadi Kübarsepp was born in 1982 in Tallinn. She has obtained BA in the department of jewellery and blacksmithing at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2008 and MA degree in 2011. Kübarsepp has participated in numerous group exhibitions both in Estonia and abroad and held 7 personal exhibitions in Estonia and in Helsinki, Finland (2015). The artist creates jewellery pieces using silver and steel wire where the main focus is on the line and its relation to space. The artist makes both wearable jewellery as well as sculptural forms whereas challenging the borders between object-jewellery pieces, printmaking and sculpture.