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Caius Kull 11.11–05.12.2016

“Haakrik”, or even “aakrik”, is a dialect word used in Western-Saaremaa and means a sea brain washed away by the shore. For centuries, the coastal people have gone to the sea after a big storm, which has brought usable rage. This may be the debris, property or catch that was washed ashore by the shipwreck; as well as the flora and fauna, debris and rubbish that accompanied the waves.

Over time, the most exciting “aakrik”-s have been reshaped by the sea beyond recognition and have a colorful past behind them to tell so much about. Probably everyone has spent hours walking on the beach and hunting for these “treasures”. The jewellery on display uses the same amount of waste accumulated over the years. The finder has his own memories of places and events about people related to these objects. Be it a handful of amber found by a child from an abandoned seal island , or a piece of barbed wire picked up by a dear friend. In jewellery forms, these different stories blend and new ones begin…