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Kadi Kübarsepp 01.04–03.05.2022

On Friday, 1st of April at 18:00, Kadi Kübarsepp’s exhibition HARDSHIP, which reflects the strength in her work’s delicate lines, will be opened in the VAULT of A-Gallery. The exhibition will remain open until 3rd of May.

Kadi Kübarsepp’s fourth exhibition in the A-Gallery VAULT shows playful silver jewellery and sculptures. The jewellery is not heavy per se, but the road that led to them has not been easy to pass. The white surface of clean silver and the dark oxide layer portray the lightness needed on the road, the playful beauty and flowing lines. Kübarsepp draws with lines of silver. 

Kadi Kübarsepp is a jewellery artist who has a long history with A-Gallery. It all started in 2008, when Kübarsepp started working at the 3rd floor atelier of Hobusepea 2 (also known as the “Ten Artists Room”). Her work has also been exhibited in Italy, Finland, Netherlands, Germany and Lithuania. Kadi Kübarsepp is most interested in sculptural performative jewellery, she is influenced by the New Jewellery movement, the revolutionary movement that tried to “free” jewellery from wearability. Jewellery as performance and different sizing were new concepts in the beginning of the 1980-s, which influenced the whole generation. As a coincidence the beginning of it matches with Kadi’s year of birth – 1982. 

The jewellery of Kadi Kübarsepp is born from emptiness and the space around the material. Everything begins from a drawing, from lines. Kübarsepp’s drawings are wearable. A neck ornament made of emptiness, of angular silver wire, the flowing shape of it arching around the neck, searching for contact with the body, the wearer. The lense-like shape of the ornament tries to fit in with the neck, without losing its sculptural form and lightness. The simple clean lines serve as a thirst for emptiness.