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KUNSTNIKE ÕU (Artists’ Court) invites everyone to the cozy courtyard of the H2 ARTISTS HOUSE on Hobusepea Street on Saturday, August 14, to enjoy a day full of art and music!

 You can listen to inspiring artist talks and explore the fascinating exhibitions of the galleries of the Old Town through curated tours. In addition, we will take you on an exciting journey through the past and present of the historical Hobusepea 2 building.

 Sonic soundscapes are created by Liz Wirestring, who improvises with a harp and loopers; Maris Pihlap, who combines jazz, traditional and electronic music, and Hello Killu, a duo of intellectual rock music and minimalist art-blues.

 The studios of the jewellery and metal artists working in the H2 building are also open to guests during the day.

 The event is organized by A-Gallery, HOP Gallery, Draakon Gallery, Hobusepea Gallery, Hobusepea 2 ARTISTS HOUSE and the Estonian Artists’ Association. The event is part of the Tallinn Old Town Days program.

Piltide autor on Annika Haas.