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On Goddesses

Maria Kadarpik 19.08–12.09.2016

“This work is a result from the study of my own emotional states during my time as a MA student and the following year. I used bread, an essential and universal ingredient that nurtures us and keeps all of us alive, as a base material to form objects, which capture my experiences of ‘being in the world’. All women have a goddess within them, but I see an universal struggle regarding their emotional and physical vulnerability. I dealt with difficulties, contradictions, two-sided feelings, irritations, growth and flowering. There is pressure to fulfill many expectations – a career, well-working relationships, successful family- life, perfect looks and independence – all at once. It feels that values like being analytical and competitive are dominant, overshadowing values like empathy, patience, intuition and introspection.

I kneaded and formed the material from the dough with my own hands. I used a slow method of working, starting everything with a touch that patiently grew to tell a story. The objects have a relation to the body – they can be touched, owned and worn. They are there to support the inner strength and beauty of any woman. These works are the exploration of my inner goddess.” Maria Kadarpik

Maria Kadarpik is a 26 year old Estonian jewellery artist who has graduated the jewellery department of the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2013 and master studies in Visual Arts and Jewellery Design with Christoph Zellweger in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp with honors in 2015. In 2014 she had an internship at the studio of Helena Lehtinen and Anna Rikkinen in Finland. Maria has also spent a semester studying Porcelain Design in Burg Halle, Germany. She has participated in multiple exhibitions in Estonia and abroad since 2010.

Some of the works here have been displayed in the Belgian contemporary jewellery gallery Beyond Fashion’s exhibition “Time Related”, which hosted 3 of the best Belgian jewellery graduates of 2015, including the works of Sangji Yun (KR) and Juan Harnie (BE). Some of the pieces have also been presented in the Marzee Annual International Graduation Show of 2015 in the Netherlands.

Sound and video design Ove-Kuth Kadak Graphic design Carl-Robert Kagge