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Past, Loss, Future

Christine Jalio 22.07–15.08.2016

Jalio is inspired by old and worn elements and is fascinated by concrete, hardness and decay. Jalio questions the stereotypes of aesthetics and is able to see beauty where others do not. In the jewellery collection PAST, LOSS, FUTURE, the artist’s interest in the themes of asceticism, old age and sensitivity stands out. The works in this series tell the story of aging and personal loss, the cycle of human life and its transitions, making choices and turning points.

Christine Jalio is a 37-year-old jeweller from Finland. She has gained international recognition by participating in prestigious jewellery trade fairs in Europe. In 2015, she won second place at the Enjoya Awards in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Her work can also be found in international publications such as Artistar Jewels, 2016 and Who’s Who in Visual Art, 2016. Christine Jaliol has a strong technical background – she earned a bachelor’s degree from Lahti University of Applied Sciences, having previously studied silversmithing and metal art. She appreciates good workmanship and craftsmanship. Jalio expresses herself in modern jewellery, which often reflects her fascination with the human psyche, which contains emotions and reactions.