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On Friday April 28 four exhibitions will be opened on A-Gallery WINDOWS:

SHELLS AND KAVIAR by Philipp Spillmann (NO), CORRODED by Carolin Dieler (DE), AUTARKY by Andrei Balašov (EE) and MULTIVERSE by Mima Pejoska (MKD).

The exhibitions will stay up on the gallery windows until June 25.


Philipp Spillmann

SHELLS AND KAVIAR are pieces of jewellery the artist has hand-carved from plastic trawl net balls found along the northern Norwegian coast. The trawl net balls are produced from solid petroleum-based plastic. Spillmann’s childhood memories of treasure hunting for seashells washed up on beaches and the name and logo of a multinational oil company were among the inspirations to turn the marine plastic waste into wearable art pieces. The orange colour of a specific net trawl ball associated to the artist with Norwegian caviar (kaviar), which is packaged in a tube. The star-shaped opening of the tube creates the distinctive pattern of the squeezed out caviar, which is reflected in the exhibited pieces.

The exhibition is supported by Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Norwegian Crafts

Philipp Spillmann (1977) completed a classical goldsmith apprenticeship including studies at Schule für Gestaltung in Zürich, Switzerland. He moved to Norway in 2001 and became a member of the Norwegian Association of Arts & Crafts in 2011. He has participated in national and international exhibitions focusing on art jewellery and objects, and he has recently developed art for public spaces. His works are part of the permanent collections of the Art Museum of Bergen – KODE, the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo, the North Norwegian Art Museum in Tromsø and the Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts – MUDAC in Lausanne, Switzerland. 


Carolin Dieler

With her exhibition CORRODED Carolin Dieler explores the relationship between humanity and the ocean. The exhibition is the result of a technical experimentation, recreating the texture of corroded metal through which she visualizes the codependency between water and humans as well as the impact they have on each other. The texture of the exhibition works has been recreated through casting experiments in tin, which later have been moulded to transfer the texture to the silver pieces.

Carolin Dieler is a jewellery and accessories designer based in Cologne, Germany.

After graduating the Maastricht Academy of Arts she founded her eponymous brand through which she brings her jewellery and accessory fantasies to life. The central question in Dieler’s projects is always how mankind can reconnect to nature. Her creativity is driven by her fascination with the wonders of the ocean.


Andrei Balašov

Andrei Balašov, who is one of the most sought-after artists of A-Galerii will show five peculiar characters at his exhibition AUTARKY.  These false gods, born by hand, invite passers-by to admire and worship them. The figures were made during last year while contemplating contemporary politics. The material of the pieces is cast bronze combined with iron nails.

Andrei Balašov (1965) is an Estonian jeweller, who in recent years has been working in the genre of small sculpture, dealing with anthropomorphic forms and experimenting with casting techniques and textures. Balašov has studied at the Estonian Academy of Arts and at the Lahti Goldsmith’s School in Finland. He has exhibited his works at solo exhibitions at Gallery Susi in Riga in Latvia, Kauno Langas in Kaunas in Lithuania and Uzopio Galerija in Vilnius. Balašov has participated in group exhibitions in Sweden, USA, Germany, Finland and the Netherlands.


Mima Pejoska

MULTIVERSE is a body of work that explores and questions our present world/universe and its possible connections with other universes. The materials and techniques the artist uses are either crochet from stainless steel, silver filigree or raw metal plates. By combining diverse materials and processes Pejoska thinks about connections and possibilities between different universes as well as within our world, about our unconscious and conscious being and relationships to each-other. 

Mima Pejoska is a jewellery artist who has been working in the creative field for over 17 years. In her career, each new study and place has taught her to approach the world of jewellery and design differently. Multidisciplinarity is embedded in all her works and she loves dissecting jewellery from all possible angles. Mima’s works have been exhibited in numerous shows including at the Smithsonian Craft Show in Washington DC, as well as in Savannah, Hong Kong, Taipei, Atlanta, Berlin, Jerusalem.