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Kaire Rannik 28.05–21.06.2010

Inonotus obliquus or chaga (cinder conk)
“It is a wood-rotting fungus parasitic on birch and other trees, that causes the tree’s trunk to break. The mushroom is brown and hard inside, and its platy fruitbody can be found under the bark, usually appearing after the host tree is completely dead. The mushroom is used as a remedy for cancer, gastritis and ulcers.”

I have always wondered how bad can develop into something good, or, in fact, be of avail to somebody. Is it inevitable, that the old needs to die to make way for the new? Is evil the compelling force? I don’t know, but these questions have puzzled me for a long time. With this jewellery I have tried to look for the answers. I am sure they give me just a half-truth, but in jewellery I have found an intersection that helps me to move on in my search.

Thanks to: Teet, Dénes, Berit, Ketli, Jukka
Cultural Endowment of Estonia

The exhibition was chosen as the best Vault exhibition in A-Gallery in the year of 2010.