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From Friday 5 February, the VAULT of A-Gallery hosts the solo exhibition of Rita-Livia Erikson which invites visitors to see the charm of gemstones.


Fascination with gemstones and their colors is as old as humankind itself. The skills and technologies of gemcutting, as well as gemology and thereby the scientific capability to differentiate gems from each other are always advancing. In addition, during just the recent several decades there have been some important gem material discoveries, including tsavorites, tanzanites, and paraiba-type tourmalines.

How many of the highly valued gemstones are known to the general public? In addition to ruby, have you heard about spinels? A name, for example „diamond“, shouldn’t on its own be a reason and the only argument to value something. Nature has created some amazing and wonderful materials that are each unique, and many of them are also much rarer than diamonds. Life and nature are full of colors that deserve to be enjoyed and appreciated.

The purpose of faceting is to bring out a gem’s true potential – colors and sparkle. There’s lots of room to play around while making that kind of precision work. Not just the gem itself has to be unique, so can the cut and shape of it be one of a kind. 

All the gemstones in this exhibition are of natural origin and faceted by the artist. Eight of them are set in ear cuffs that were inspired by the characters of the wild stories from childhood – elves, dragons, mages, unicorns, and other mythical creatures. The fantastic sparkle and charm of the world of gemstones can accompany us forever through life – just like emotions from fairy tales.


Rita-Livia Erikson (1990) is an Estonian jewelry artist, gemcutter, and gemologist. She got her education in jewelry art in Estonian Academy of Arts. She started faceting gemstones in 2016 in the United States under master cutter Meg Berry. Gemological education was aquired in Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in 2018-2019. 

Rita-Livia combines her skills and knowledge of gemology, gemcutting, and metalsmithing technologies to create unique and wearable pieces of jewelry that would last for generations. 


Rita-Livia Erikson GEMSTONES AND FAIRY TALES 05.02. – 02.03.2021 in the VAULT of A-Gallery Event on Facebookis

The exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia