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Jewellery artist Ülle Kõuts’s personal exhibition On the Stairs is in the Vault Room of A-Gallery.

Ülle Kõuts:
“Being on the stairs implies movement from one point to the next.
Often such movement occurs on a winding staircase, where at times it is necessary to stop
to marshall one’s resources… to reassess…
and then still and again to move on…”

At her current exhibition the artist presents folded breastpins that have been completed in the “marriage of metals”- author’s technique where the artist creates characteristic stripes while soldering silver with copper or German silver. Kõuts’ minimalistic style is known already from her earlier works. Yet, the artist has reached a new artistic approach and arrived at a new level.

Ülle Kõuts (b. 1956, Pärnu) has graduated from the Estonian State Art Institute in 1980. Since then she has participated in numerous exhibitions in Estonia and abroad. Kõuts is a member of the Estonian Artists’ Association and Estonian Metal Artists’ Association. She is a co-founder of ON-Grupp and A-Gallery. Present exhibition On the Stairs is Ülle Kõuts’s third personal exhibition in the Vault Room of A-Gallery. Her previous exhibition Water was awarded with the Best Exhibition Prize held in the Vault Room in 2011. The annual prize serves as the recognition of jewellery artists by A-Gallery.