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Valdek Laur 28.07-02.09.2023

From July 28, the exhibition LOOPS by Valdek Laur will be open in the VAULT of A-Galerii. The exhibition is free of charge for all visitors. The exhibition will stay open until September 2.

Exhibition LOOPS presents Valdek Laur’s commentary on the feedback loops created by cultural norms and stereotypes, which have influenced humanity throughout the ages. By intertwining science fiction and fantasy with history and myths, he seeks alternatives to contemporary ways of existence. In his work, Laur employs iron, bronze and silver casting, along with 3D printing.

The world is in perpetual flux. Countless feedback-amplified trends, or loops, are evolving, engaged in constant power struggles. Thoughts influence opinions and provoke actions, which in turn shapes the future. Thoughts and actions that find support gain strength and transform into ideologies. However, how often do we truly contemplate the direction of our worldview?

Ideologies profoundly impact culture, both in substance and form. Every symbol, sign, and word carries building blocks of meaning, which create jokes, stories and movies, but also belief systems, and mythologies. Each shape, material, and composition represents a belief and has its own field of meaning. At times, these fields resonate with societal attitudes, while at other times, they fade and slumber. Amplifying or, conversely, suppressing beliefs is one of the only few ways we, as individuals, can genuinely contribute to shaping the future. Hence, we must ask ourselves, what is the ultimate destination of our supported path? What do we actually strive for?

Valdek Laur is a multidisciplinary artist based in Estonia, intertwining 3D modelling, jewellery art, and sculpture. He is fascinated by prehistoric myths, speculative political science, and futurology. Laur has published articles, delivered lectures, and voiced opinions on the societal impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning. He holds a bachelor’s degree in advertising and media from Tallinn University and in blacksmithing from the Estonian Academy of Arts. His works have been exhibited in solo and group shows in Estonia, Latvia, and Germany.