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Ene Valter 27.04-21.05.2012

Ene Valter graduated from the Estonian State Art College in 1977 with a degree in metal art and jewellery design. She was one of the founders and for a period Manager of A-Galerii. Presently she is the Chairman of the Board and CEO of the company Ars Vasetööd. The artist is a member of the Estonian Artists’ Union. She has had personal exhibitions in Estonia, Hungary, Finland, and Germany as well as participated in group exhibitions in Latvia, Czechoslovakia, Lithuania, Sweden, and Great Britain. An important work for the artist was the metal coin issued on occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Bank of Estonia. From the end of 1980’s she and her company have made several collars and brooches for rectors and honorary doctors of universities in Estonia and Finland, and mayors of Estonian towns.

In works of this exhibition the artist is using familiar for her techniques of enamel and embossing, and silver as the material. At the same time the name of the exhibition refers to the somewhat new, maybe even romantic approach – an attempt to find a balance between the more hidden side of one’s soul and being in the “here and now”. Ene has said that we are all looking for “our own beach” in life and the desire to find it grows with years. This beach would let us enjoy silence, find peace and freedom to be alone with ourselves, and forget duties and worries. The artist has found her beach in the sense of a physical place but perhaps the arrival at the soul’s “blue and calm” beach is still ahead for her.

Ene Valter’s jewellery is inspired by pared-down ideal forms of nature. Iridescent stones at the beach, as though worked on by a human hand, seem to be meeting the artist’s silver brooches in the tranquil seawater and for a moment the two beaches become one …

The exhibition is supported by the National Endowment for the Arts.