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Andrei Balašov 27.08–28.09.2021

Summer – a colourful, diverse and inspiring season, a dream of an eternal paradise. Reflecting the extreme heat of this year’s summer, the exhibition brings together Andrei Balashov’s work of the last years, presenting an array of small-scale sculptures, objects and jewellery that highlight the symbiosis of metal and colour, research and experimentations with various techniques and technologies.

Andrei Balašov (b. 1965 in Tallinn) is an Estonian jewelry artist who in recent years has worked in the genre of small sculpture, dealing with anthropomorphic forms, experimenting with casting techniques and textures. Balašov has studied at the Estonian Academy of Arts and Lahti Goldsmiths’ School in Finland. He has exhibited his works in solo exhibitions at Gallery Susi in Riga, Latvia, Kauno Langas in Kaunas, Lithuania, and Uzopio Galerija in Vilnius. This is the artist’s sixth solo exhibition at A-Gallery. Balašov has participated in group exhibitions in Sweden, the USA, Germany, Finland and the Netherlands. In 1996, Balašov was awarded the Edde Kurrel Estonian Metal Artist Award.